The Bait Car Program

by SMD 

Last night I stumbled across an extremely fascinating website about an innovative strategy for catching car thieves and preventing the thefts altogether. Here’s the background info:

A bait car is a vehicle owned by the police and is intended to be stolen. After a bait car is stolen, the location, speed, and direction of travel of the vehicle is monitored by police dispatchers at EComm through GPS tracking. Everything that takes place inside the bait car is caught on audio and video.  The dispatcher will coordinate a police response and once officers are in position behind the bait car, the engine will be disabled at the click of a mouse button which allows for the quick arrest of the car thieves.

Okay so that’s very clever. Now what if you took the videos that are shot inside the cars as they are being stolen and put them up on a website to publicize the bait cars and act as a further deterrent. The result is The videos are really wild. A fascinating look at criminals in action. If you like reality TV, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Check out the latest video, “Oncoming“.

This is very innovative police work. Too bad that there aren’t huge bonuses for these kind of ideas in the public service.

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