Turkish Bush Bashers Got Me

by SMD 

Let’s try again shall we…The hosting company restored from a back up and the last two stories that I posted were lost, and the nice welcome back comments :(

Q.) How do you Drive a Web Entrepreneur Insane?

A.) Take his 25 websites offline for FOUR SIX EIGHT DAYS!

If you’re a regular visitor to this site you’ll probably have noticed that I’ve been having a lot of down time in the last 6 weeks. You may have even noticed one of the several defacements that has occurred.

It seems that my hosting company has become a target for a certain George W. Bush hating Turkish terrorist group [I'm not making this up!] and 4 times in the last 6 weeks they have been hit with a denial of service attack.

This weekend they discovered that the attackers had in fact installed software that allowed them access to the company’s computers at will. On Thursday some of my sites were even defaced by a “white hat” hacker, who just left a page pointing out how easy it was to get in and that the hosting company may want to tighten security.

I do feel for the guys running the hosting company, they are probably loosing customers by the truckload and the reasons are largely beyond their control.

Interesting to see the results on this site. Things are still a little wonky still; sometimes if you have the www at the front of my address it won’t work, other times it does. Subscriptions to my RSS feed have actually gone up in the last 4 days, hopefully not a comment on my presence :) but I seem to have been docked a page rank point from the almighty Google: possibly a penalty for the site’s lack of reliability?

My partner and I have learned a valuable lesson in risk management. At this point we can’t afford to manage our own servers but what we can do is to distribute our sites and therefore our risk. We have opened up two more hosting accounts with other companies and we’ll put an equal number of sites in each spot.

Therefore there should be a very low chance of more than 1/3 of our sites being down at any one time. We have distributed the hosting companies geographically to lesson the risk from things like missile strikes and power grid failures. As my partner said, “better to learn this stuff when you’re making $40/day than when it’s $4000.”

The internet is a wacky place [similar to real life] and risk management had better be a part of any venture because you never know when you could be caught in the crossfire or be a target just through association.

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