Yahoo Adds Financial Heavyweights

by SMD 

Yahoo Finance has added an impressive list of columnists to its ranks including my hero Robert Kiyosaki. The other columnists are:

It’s a pretty impressive line-up. I haven’t seen any other site try and bring together an all-star team of writers in this fashion before. Could it be that serious writing is beginning to shift to the web? Most of the stories are web-sized as opposed to what you might find in a magazine’s feature story so you aren’t going to get anything too in depth. But the information that I’ve seen so far is top notch.

Robert Kiyosaki’s story this week is called Work Hard, Earn Less? and it goes into one of his favorite topics; being an employee is the most difficult, highly taxed and risky financial positions to be in.

A worker’s pay is taxed at the highest tax rate possible. So are your savings and income from your 401(k). In most cases, money goes into a 401(k) tax-deferred but comes out as highly taxed ordinary income.

One of the reasons the rich are getting richer is because they have more control over our number one expense: Taxes.

His article and the others in the new Yahoo Financial section are excellent. Looks like I’ll be adding another read to my financial reference bookmarks…now if only the stories were available by RSS [guess we can't expect things to change too quickly].

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One Response to “Yahoo Adds Financial Heavyweights”

  1. TDG on June 13th, 2007 3:54 am

    I agree with you, the articles have been very good. I enjoyed Laura Rowley’s article from September 23 – The Elusive American Dream. Her suggestion to make a top 10 things that we value in life list was great – there is a huge psychological component to personal finance that must be addressed for us to be truly happy.

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