I’m Not Very Good at Being Rich [Yet!]

by SMD 

Me In the backyardI’ve taken a week’s holiday from work so I can work on my business [who else does that!]. The obvious reason is to put in some solid hours pushing my various projects forward. But the other, possibly more important reason to do this is to allow myself a taste of the freedom that I am working towards.

With revenues increasing rapidly my goal of being out of the rat race by September 2006 should be easily attained. But today I’ve had a startling revelation. I’m lousy at being rich!

This week has been beautiful here in Edmonton and while I have been going for my afternoon walk to Starbucks I have been working away at my desk every other waking moment. No pity please, I love working. This morning I walked over to the window and noticing the gorgeous day, and felt a little hard done by to be stuck inside.

Wait a minute, Jon; you have a laptop and a wireless internet connection. Oh my god, I could have been working in the back yard all week.

I’m just a blue collar guy. I’ve perfected an image of looking like a hard worker. Now that I’m planning to be rich; I’m going to have to loose that attitude. Just like a skilled business person sees opportunities to make money everywhere, having abundance can allow you to see opportunities to enjoy life to a completely different degree.

So, let the education begin, school was never this good.

From the back yard sunshine, listening to radioparadise,


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2 Responses to “I’m Not Very Good at Being Rich [Yet!]”

  1. K on June 13th, 2007 2:58 am

    Jon, you maniac you! I can’t talk. I suck just as heavily about taking time off. I watch to wind down!! I think it has to do with loving the stuff. Good for you about being on track to meet your financial freedom deadline!

  2. Flexo on June 13th, 2007 2:58 am

    radioparade is one of my favorites. Unfortunately, I can’t liten to the station from work…

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