MymoneyBlog Spot on With 2008 Financial Advice.

by SMD 

A great article
There are few instances where I actually agree with a website on quick, pointed financial advice, but I have finally found one that seems to know exactly what it is doing. Heading into the new year,’s “2008 Financial Jump-Start Checklist” is one of the most well informed bits of advice for people looking to stimulate their personal financial situation.

Real Solutions
While many money blogs out there are focused on providing financial advice, none of them are really able to give you real world solutions for how to accomplish your goals. This article is different, and it provides some nice suggestions that aren’t difficult to pull off. For example, the article gives suggestions on how to eliminate one monthly expense that you really don’t need. In addition to just budgeting advice, the author provides easy, quick ways to help improve your long term financial situation.

Money advice I can use
I’m really glad this article exists, because I have been frustrated by the lack of information out there on exactly how to change your financial future. Sure, plenty of authors like to talk at length about how to change your mindset or your financial plan, but how many of them are really offering any advice that you can use next week? People need to understand that by making a slight chance now (say, adding 1% to their annual 401 (k) contribution), they can make life easier down the road.

A well researched finance article
The article also puts in research for those too lazy to find good deals for themselves. If you are a person who is spending too much money on credit cards, then you need to check this out in order to find some excellent new products. These real world solutions fill an obvious void for consumers out there. Changing your financial mindset is one thing, but actually being able to take action is another. This article is a must for anyone experiencing the second problem.

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