3 Bizarre Banking Stories

by JS 

While going about my work this week I noticed a few rather strange stories all related to banks and banking. So I thought I’d package them up…who says banking is boring? Take a moment to read them over, we’ve got trillion dollar overdrafts, million dollar bills and houses sold with the dead owner still inside!

Bank Tells Man He Owes $211 Trillion

After closing his checking account a man in Wachovia received a letter telling him he was slightly overdrawn.

It’s one thing to bounce a check and it’s another to be so far in the red Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Donald Trump combined couldn’t come close to bailing you out. A Cobb County man got a letter from his bank with that very shocking news.

“And I open up the letter and I look at it and I’m like, ‘No, you’ve got to be kidding me,’ said Joe Martins.

Martins said he recently closed an account at Wachovia Bank and made good on an outstanding check. He just got a letter about the closure and his negative balance — $211,010,028,257,303.00. That’s $211 trillion.

It turned out to be just a clerical error where his account number was used as the outstanding balance, but a pretty big shock none the less. Now let’s hope the country’s multi trillion debt turns out the be a typo ;)

Dude Opens Bank Account With Million Dollar Bill


A man in South Carolina tried to open a bank account using a forged $1,000,000 dollar bill.

Reading the news could help you avoid serious trouble, but obviously Alexander D. Smith from Aiken, South Carolina, failed to learn the lesson from the Pittsburgh one million dollar bill man. According to the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office, Smith attempted to open a bank account at Regions Bank in Clearwater, South Carolina with a counterfeit one million dollar bill. As expected, the clerk did not accept the substantial deposit and called the cops. Alexander D. Smith was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and forgery.

What’s interesting to me about this story is how well done the forgery is. Not your standard issue clean looking brand new freshly minted paper. This one looks like you could have found it, probably left behind accidentally, in the couch at your corner Starbucks. The guy should have received some brownie points for creativity I think.

In case you’re wondering, the largest bill currently in circulation is only $100 and the largest ever printed was a $100,000 dollar bill, but it went out of circulation over 60 years ago.

Bank sells house complete with owner’s corpse

And the last, but not least bizarre banking story involves a bank in Spain that sold a repossessed home without even visiting it or doing any investigation at all about the circumstances that caused the owner to stop making mortgage payments.

A Spanish bank repossessed a house and put it up for auction complete with the mummified body of the former owner who had missed her mortgage payments, newspaper El Pais reported on Wednesday.

The corpse, preserved by salty air in the seaside town of Roses after an apparent death by natural causes, was discovered by Jorge Giro, who entered the house for the first time on Saturday after buying it at the auction, El Pais said.

The dead woman, described by neighbors as having been in poor health and often absent visiting relatives in Madrid, had stopped paying her mortgage six years ago.

That’s enough strangeness from the banks this week. Money does have a strange effect on people and the concentrated monetary experience of banking must bring out the wacky on a daily basis.

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