Become a Billionaire & Have More Power to Indulge Insecurities

by Jenn 

There are few people who would turn down the chance to become a billionaire. On second thought; you might stay far away from wanting that level of income after reading this post.

It seems that billionaires can be a pretty insufferable and neurotic bunch!

Psychiatrist Kerry Sulkowicz has become the ‘go-to guy’ for billionaires all over. They come to him for advice about their personal lives, and he has found that many of them are hard to handle!

Insecure & Feeling Trapped

Insecure & Feeling Trapped

There seem to be some common patterns with these patients.  Many of these rich men have a very difficult time coming to terms with things that have happened in their past, and they have an even harder time being modest.

One of the reasons billionaires can be so flashy is because they can from humble backgrounds in some cases. They didn’t have anything growing up, so they feel the need to overcompensate now. That leads to the desire to have a home on every continent, as well as their own island to escape to. They buy these things because they can now and they couldn’t back then. Hopefully Kerry helps them understand that having a dozen houses can’t quite compete with clearing up those old childhood issues.

Another symptom of overspending that seems to pop up among billionaires is the fact that they always need to outdo each other. Having a house on every continent and their own island is not enough if their rival also owns 8 private jets (that’s, hopefully, an exaggeration). Again, billionaires seem to have a tendency to hide behind their money to overcompensate for other issues.

The video of the psychiatrist talking about these billionaires is pretty scary! It’s not because Kerry doesn’t seem competent or good at what he does, but because he’s so jaded by these people. In fact, it seems like he’s tired of dealing with them at all.

That begs the question of whether having too much money can eventually lead to losing touch with reality.

If Kerry, who is used to dealing with people who have issues, can’t stand these people, can anyone else?

One of the main goals of making a lot of money is to have some sort of social status. It means you can finally buy whatever you want and associate with whoever you want to associate with. But, if no one wants to touch you with a ten foot pole after you’re surrounded by your money it’s essentially done you no good.

Those who view the video should take it as a warning. When a psychiatrist thinks you’re nuts and unpleasant to be around, its time to make some changes. Acquiring more homes, jet skis, and cars isn’t going to fill that hole.

Billionaires are definitely an entirely different breed than many of us are used to dealing with. Hopefully, as you reach your own financial goals you will keep track of what’s important. We don’t want to end up like one of the billionaires who essentially become social lepers because of their own hang ups.

Become rich: but don’t become annoying to be around and deal with.

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