Being Rich is a Decision

by SMD [Arizona's Source for Business News] has an article about Rich Dad Poor Dad author and Arizona native Robert Kiyosaki.

“Being rich is a decision,” says Kiyosaki, 57. “It has nothing to do with profession. I could be a nun, and I’d be a rich one. I could be a schoolteacher, but I’d be rich.”…

It is a radical perspective that has served Kiyosaki well. As an author and the creator of the money-smarts game Cashflow, he is an international phenomenon, a guru of the financial world and a media darling. His speeches sell out auditoriums across the globe and his books have won him legions of loyal fans who strive to embrace his revolutionary philosophy…

But money, he says, is no laughing matter. And while it may take a leap of faith for those who are struggling to forget everything they’ve ever been taught about acquiring wealth, Kiyosaki insists that there’s no great mystery behind his teachings.

Read more about Robert Kiyosaki at The complete article explains how Robert was influenced by his father being fired from his life-long job, and how he spent two years in seclusion creating the concepts behind his books and board game Cashflow 101.

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