Christmas Gift Buying Reminders

by SMD 

For us website owners who use AdSense this time of year is known as silly season, because of the masses of rabid Christmas shoppers out clicking everything in site. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but sometimes I like to think of the big picture. What is really going on behind all those clicks and those crowded stores?

As I see it Christmas is a time that financial common sense often goes out the window. In our society gifts are often mistaken as a sign of love and there are many unspoken ‘contracts’ that come into play during the holidays.

Contracts like, “If you love me you’ll buy me a present that makes me feel special.” Stuff like that and many variations on a similar theme. I find it is valuable to question these kinds of relationship contracts.

Yes, it’s true that if you don’t buy your [wife, sister, mother, brother, etc] a gift that satisfies their expectations, they may have a tantrum. They may pout or get mad at you and tell you that you are ruining Christmas. I say, you’ll be healing yourself and your relationships if buy gifts [or not] free from the other person’s expectations, free from the habits of ‘silly season’ and an unexamined life.

Does a kid need every fad toy? No. Is it the end of world if they have a huge tantrum? No.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-Christmas or anti-gift giving, I just think that it is frequently done for all the wrong reasons. Do gifts equal love? No. Are fancy gifts what we really crave from our loved ones? No. Deep down we desire presence a lot more than presents.

My real message is just to be aware of why you are buying all that ‘stuff’. Let’s not get ourselves in a hole financially only because we are following the herd and doing what is expected of us. If you find a tiny voice inside quietly asking you to express your love at Christmas with your heart and without your wallet, I dare you to give it try.

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