Financial Planning for Addicts

by SMD 

My apologies, but I find this story amusing. Not because drug addiction is in any way funny, but because of the power of money to motivate an intelligent thought process in any kind of circumstance.

Rapid detox [Google it: Rapid Detox] is a system that allows the opiates in an addict’s brain to be stripped clean while they are under general anesthetic. For $15,000 the drug user can have his habit rolled back to zero. In essence the physical addiction is removed.

Now the financially savvy addict has realized that this $15,000 can represent a pretty good investment. If you take the treatment and have no intention of quitting the drug, you can dramatically reduce the quantity of opiates required to achieve the same high as pre-detox…therefore lowering the cost of the addiction, and recouping the investment in the procedure.

The way the internet has become driven by keyword mania, it won’t be long before you will be seeing “Financial Planning for Addicts” sites popping up. Of course the reputable doctors are not condoning the practice but there will always be some that are willing to take the cash.

Sourced from Wired.

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