Net Worth Just Tripled!

by SMD 

If you happened to look down at the bottom of my menu on the left of any page on this site you’ll have noticed that I have a new mini-poster mentioning that this website is worth $66,615.72. WOOT! My net worth has tripled and I didn’t even know it…please don’t tell Revenue Canada.

Thanks to The Millionaire Blog I found this cool tool that will calculate the value of your blog by typing in your address. The calculations are based on the recent sale of WeblogsInc to AOL:

In acquiring Weblogs Inc., AOL has now provided us with some numbers traditional media are willing to pay for a blog.

The idea of distilling down the deal into a dollar amount per incoming link is first proposed on Tristan Louis’ site. What it boils down to is this: 1 inbound link = somewhere in the range of 564 – 903 dollars.

The other thing I like about this is Dane has grabbed this idea and turned it into a cool tool that everyone can add to their site. He recognized that everyone might like to value their own site based on the AOL WeblogsInc formula. As you internet marketers know, getting backlinks to your site is the key to getting search engine results. There are link exchanges and many people submit articles and let others reprint them in exchange for backlinks, but one that is often overlooked is to create a simple script that people think is cool and will add value to their site. Presto, you could instantly have thousands of backlinks.

I’ll be waiting by the phone for the call from Mr. AOL…I may even let it go for 60k if he catches me in a good mood.

My blog is worth $66,615.72.
How much is your blog worth?

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2 Responses to “Net Worth Just Tripled!”

  1. Empty Spac on June 13th, 2007 2:27 am

    cool. my blog’s only worth a measley $6,774.48! i’ll take cash or amazon gift coupons!

  2. Jon on June 13th, 2007 2:27 am

    Nice, but other things to consider besides just links would be the number of pages, the number of readers, the quality etc. etc.

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