Passion [Follow Up] & Unstoppable Goals

by SMD 

Give Your Passion Room to Flow

In my last post I commented on passion and what it takes to achieve goals. David left the following comment:

That is what I am going through with getting into the Military. Everything inside me and outside me is telling me to give up on it, but I won’t… Does that make me passionate or dumb?

It’s a good question. At what point does passion turn into stupidity? To my way of thinking there are two types of goals. Wise and unwise. A wise goal example: “I want to be the head of a major corporation!” An unwise goal: “I want to be the CEO of Microsoft”.

The wise goal has a completely different path than the unwise. The wise one is unstoppable because no matter what would happen, at worst you are gaining valuable experience. The unwise one can be stopped by too many things that are beyond your control [e.g. the Microsoft CEO position may never be vacant].

In my opinion many frame their goal in unwise ways. Getting into the military could be one of these. I would try and re-frame that goal by asking myself, “What is it that being in the military really means to me?” To be a part of a team? To be a peace keeper? Valuable experience without having to pay for an education?

All of these are wise goals because they don’t rely on jumping through bureaucratic hurdles and other elements beyond your control. They may be filled by entering the military, but if that doesn’t happen, you have tons of other options.

Passion cannot be stopped, but it needs to be given a wide range of possibilities. It needs options. Passion is about the flow, not about the result.

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