Paying the Price

by SMD 

There’s a guy at my gym: he’s a 95-percent guy. You see I measure the success of my workouts by the percentage of my t-shirt that is covered in sweat by the time I quite.

He’s there every morning, and he’s almost always 95%. Greyish hair, has to put paper towels down on the floor around the cross-trainer before he starts, to soak up the river of sweat that he produces.

He’s paying the price. You can tell, he has been honest about his situation; he has neglected his body for a lot of years. He’s not watching Oprah to try and remedy the situation. He’s not buying diet pills. He’s paying the price.

Same goes for me and my financial situation. I have catching up to do, to remedy the years of neglect of my personal finances. I’m now a 95% guy when it comes to creating wealth.

Most every coffee break, lunch hour, evening and weekend are spent learning the online publishing game. No dreaming about BMWs and buying lottery tickets. Get to work and create value, then the money will flow naturally.

This morning me and the 95% guy were side by side on the cross trainers. It was awesome.

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