Personal Finance Haikus

by SMD 

The poetry of financial drama.  is holding a personal finance haiku contest.  The deadline is June 15 th 2007.  They’ve already received some submissions, including:

New card came in mail
This one has RFID
I don’t want it now

My friend buys work lunch
Plus three sodas each workday
That’s 2000 a year , wow

The Chinese store  has
Lots of good food and fresh things
For much less money

Pay your loans on time
Sallie Mae has no mercy
They know where you live

Here at SMD, we thought we’d give it a try, and have entered these four personal finance haiku poems into the competition.

As you may remember from school, a true haiku has 3 lines, 5 syllables, 7 syllables, then 5 syllables.  They are from the Japanese Zen tradition and are usually about nature, spirit and moments of awakening.

However, personal finance haikus will most likely deviate a bit from that tradition…   If you enjoy these haikus, you might want to check out the famous  “Spam Haikus“,   Quite funny.  Of course, these are about the food spam, made of a strange ham-like substance purported to come from an animal source, not the internet spam, which would also be a great haiku thread.   If you do submit any, please send us a copy. We’d love to see it.

Here are our entries. Don’t forget to go vote for them if you like them.


Curse you credit cards!
You promised me priceless dreams
Now only nightmares


Like a hot desert
After long harsh rainless months
Bank account is dry.


Dreaded day arrived
“No payments for one whole year!”
Where did the year go?


“Dad, loan me Twenty?”
“You mean you will pay it back”?
“Um, can’t hear. iPod.”

I’ll post an update when the voting starts. Contest details are here.

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