Some thoughts on “Why I worked this Christmas”

by SMD 

The post “Why I Worked this Christmas (and Always Will)” is Right…in a way

If you have not taken the time to read Why I Worked this Christmas (and Always Will) then do yourself a favor and give it a look. Now that the Christmas smoke has cleared, it’s nice to look back on one man’s personal reflection on the season and more importantly, the reason for the season.

To him, Christmas is stupid. Simply put, it’s a time where people try to do their best to make up for all of their screw ups over the course of year. His tune is becoming much more common, too. Though no one could ever confuse me with Scrooge and “Bah-hum-bug” is not in my vocabulary, I can agree with many of his sentiments. The man loves his work and more importantly, he has his priorities in order.

How can a man who hates Christmas have his priorities in order? It’s because he doesn’t need a special day to indulge in a real life. Like he says, if he ever feels the urge to show love and affection to those around him, he just does it. It doesn’t take an act of congress nor a holiday season. Instead, he spends his time away from all of the hoopla, instead opting to work for something that he finds much more important than any forced time of cheer.

While some spend their holiday season putting on fake faces and making fake hand shakes to family members they don’t even like, he would rather spend his time making money so that he can give gifts on his own time. He doesn’t let the holidays blindside him into forgetting that the economy isn’t exactly thriving. For him, working on Christmas is about much more than just avoiding the holiday season. It’s about making sure that his entire year is a holiday, which comes from being passionate about your work and knowing what’s important.

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