To Hell and Back for Profit

by SMD 

- Why does it always seem easier for everyone else? I ride the bus to work and I watch the guy with the Jetta scoot past. You know he’s got the perfect little house with the mortgage half paid that he purchased before the market took off 5 years ago so it has doubled in value. He probably isn’t particularly good at his job. Why does it seem like he has it so easy?

- It is something along the lines of the first paragraph that has inspired me to want to create this website (business) and others. Rich Dad calls it getting out of the rat race. I’d like to actually leap frog the guy in the Jetta and remove the job from the equation.

This is not an easy thing to do. The world is not set up for people to move out of the economic bracket that they were born in. The tax laws were written to favor corporations and the people who own them. The workers are in the position of doing the work and paying the most taxes. This structure is the equivalent to gravity to someone that wants to fly.

- More importantly, I believe, is the structure in our hearts and minds, which makes it difficult to create money in a way that comes from ease. I’ve been at this site for about 6 weeks now and I haven’t made enough for a fancy cup of coffee. That, in itself is not discouraging since I know in my mind that a business like this, with all the factors involved, can easily take 6 months to a year to start to make a decent return. However, it is my emotions that create the problem.

- About 10 years ago, I started another business, this time in woodworking. I was just at the point where I had quit my job because the business was demanding all my attention. That alone was a huge leap of faith, but then one day I was in the lumberyard, it was the 26th of the month and rent was due on the 1st. I had $192 credit remaining on my Visa and I needed to buy about $179 worth of supplies to complete an order that I wouldn’t be paid for for about a month.

I remember the feeling of panic. It actually crept up from my feet and strangled me. I literally began to shake. What I realized was going on inside was the generations of family conditioning, that a person made money by having a job, were being shaken loose.

If my girlfriend hadn’t been there to take my hand and literally lead me, shaking, to the check out, I never could have made that purchase. Somehow, everything worked out, we paid the rent that month and the business supported me for years afterward.

- On a smaller scale, this scene is repeated over and over when you own a business. It is this risk-taking and the ability to gently confront the limiting structures inside that allowed me to move out of the job mentality and into the self-employed world.

The reward for this was that I got to have a little taste of the spoils of the business owner: tax benefits. I have noticed that there is always a reward for moving through inner limitations, but you can’t do it thinking about the reward.

- It has been my experience that there is a place inside of hell, hopelessness and despair that the path to any accomplishment goes through. It is the cost of really getting out of the rat race. I think everyone actually knows this, that’s why lottery tickets are so popular.

They promise an escape without paying the price. Of course that is missing the point because it isn’t just that we want more money, we want to be rich, and being rich means having the maturity and ease with finance that can only come from a trip to through your own personal trouble spots.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to let this set of dark feeling pass through you and continue towards a goal. They are just feelings. They will pass and they will guide you out of the rat race.

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