What To Do If You’re Fired

July 30, 2009 by JS · 1 Comment 

Getting the axe can be a positive
Turn getting the axe into a positive

When you are terminated from a job, your first thought is probably “what do I do now?” and the answer to that question is to get out there and start looking for a better job.  Once you realize that there’s a better job out there for you and that everything happens for a reason, you need to get moving on finding that great job.

Career counselor Marty Nemko says that you should start job searching immediately because every “nanosecond of wallowing” only makes your feelings of self-pity worse. Not only will worrying about what you’re going to do waste time, but it will also only make the stress of losing a job worse.

Once you decide to get yourself back out on the job market, take the fast track. Send your resume to every ad in the paper that catches your eye. Send your resumes to as many employers as you can find. Remember, the worse thing that can happen is that you won’t be what the employer is looking for. If you’re not what they want, at least you are getting your name out there and there’s no harm done.   Some advice given by Marty Nemko on this subject is “cram the entire search into one week.” Applying to any large amount of jobs in a week’s time will be stressful, and won’t be easy, but once you have applied to jobs you are interested in, all you have to do is prepare for the interviews!

Another good thing that you should consider doing while looking for a new job is networking. Network with all of your friends and family. Send a mass email and ask if anyone knows of an employer that is hiring. Post your job seeking information your social networking sites and on your blogs. It’s important to remember that being fired is not something to be embarrassed about and you should not be scared to ask for help. Sometimes networking is the key in finding a new job.

It is important to remember that good jobs will just fall into your lap. In fact, some jobs are not even posted in the newspaper advertisements. Some employers depend on networking and word of mouth to get their hiring news out.  So, if you know what you’re looking for and you know of a company that has current positions with people doing what you want to do, pick up the phone and call that company. Just as there is no harm in sending your resume to anyone that catches your attention, there’s also no harm in calling and asking if the employer has any openings. The worst thing they can say is that they’re not interested.

Remember that looking for a job is not the only thing you need to do after you lose your job. Experts say that while looking for a job after being fired, it is important to cut out needless expenses in your budget. Do you really need that meal at that restaurant, or could you cook your own meal at home for less money? If you happen to be a compulsive shopper like me, it is probably best that you just stay away from retail stores, and especially from the mall. Saving money during this difficult time is one key to keeping stress and anxiety levels low.  

Losing a job is a stressful event no matter how you slice it, but making sure that you do everything possible to stay afloat while job searching will help you face the stressors you will face. So, if you get the dreaded pink slip, get out there, get going, stay motivated, and find yourself a better job!

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