7 Ways to Keep Energy Costs Low as the Weather Warms Up

April 1, 2008 by JS · Leave a Comment 

light-bulb Spring is here and your air conditioner will be running full blast before you know it. Everyone is feeling the pain of rising energy costs each summer, so it’s best to prepare for the spike in your bills beforehand. Luckily, there are little tricks for keeping your air conditioning costs down. Here are seven simple tips:

  1. Close the Blinds / Curtains – Yes, that natural light looks lovely inside the house, especially after the long winter months. However, you are heating your house up like an oven when you keep your blinds and/or curtains open.
  2. Use Ceiling Fans Wisely – Not only will ceiling fans keep your house cool, they can also keep your house warm in the opposite rotation. In other words, make sure you are using your ceiling fans currently when you change seasons.
  3. Keep the Doors Shut – You weren’t born in a barn! Yes, there was a reason why your parents shouted that at you when you left the door open. They had to pay the resulting energy bills!
  4. Weatherstrip Your Doors / Windows – You may not realize how much air is traveling through the gaps by your windows and doors. Weatherstripping is cheap and simple, so don’t skip it.

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