Six True Stories of people Who Found Cash and Turned it In. Would You Do the Same?

December 7, 2007 by SMD · 11 Comments 

Being smart with your money isn’t only about investing and budgeting. It’s also about getting to know your attitudes, beliefs and values around money. Not to judge them as right or wrong, so much as just to become familiar with where our choices are coming from. Most of us have considered the question “If you found a big bag of cash on the road, and no one was around to see, what would you do?” Here are 6 true stories of people who faced a situation like that, and the choices they made. What would you have done?

Found Cash Case 1: Woman finds $65,000 in cash sitting in the road.

In early October, Debbie Cole, 53, was walking to the break room at Pinellas County Florida’s Solid Waste Operations, when she happened to glance at the truck scale area where trucks weigh their garbage, and saw a clear plastic bag with a red stripe at the top, that had been run over several times. When she picked it up, she saw several stacks of cash, bundled and with labels such as “$10,000″. After being dazed a few seconds, she called her supervisor, who called her supervisor, who called the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies picked up the bag. The grand total was $65,000. They were able to trace it back to Loomis, the armored car and money handling company. The money had fallen from an armored car that had passed through about 30 minutes before Cole found the bag.

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