No Job? Create your Own!

October 12, 2009 by JS · 4 Comments 

Turn a negative into a positive

Turn a negative into a positive

How many of you have been fired or laid off and are currently looking for another job? Maybe the answer isn’t looking for a job. Maybe the answer is creating a job.  It sounds crazy but more and more people are starting their own businesses in these tough economic times. The idea is that looking for a job that isn’t there won’t make you any money. In fact, it will probably only make you lose money. However, creating a job that there’s a need for will have a much better chance of surviving the times.

In the 1920’s, Madame Alexander did just that. It was hard for a woman to find a job anywhere, much less in a good environment where the income was decent. So, she started her own. After growing up in her father’s home where he fixed broken porcelain doll, she decided that maybe dolls should be made out of a more durable material. Granted, she may have seen a Raggedy Ann doll and thought the idea was great, but she knew that more than just the Raggedy Ann doll would sell. So she created her own, and she sold them. It took a lot of door to door sales and looking for the right place to pitch the idea, but eventually she got a loan and paid for her company twice as fast as her loan company advised that she needed to.

My point is, if she could do it in the 1920’s, why can’t you do it today? You don’t necessarily have to have a ton of money to start your own business. It could be a small, simple business that you see a need for. It doesn’t have to be a multi-billion dollar company. It just needs to be something that you can live off of. In fact, most people trust small businesses much more than large businesses. I personally never want to lose touch with people, so I will always choose a small business over a large one. It’s much better than feeling like just a number.

I’m not going to go throwing ideas out at you, because it should be something that you need, something that you know other people need. Maybe you should get together with a group of friends with the similar interests as you; you never know what you might come up with. Remember, a job is better than no job right now, so if you can make your own…why wouldn’t you?

Any ideas on something that EVERYONE needs? Something that would be easy to start a business doing? Share them here!

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