Link Lovin for April & May

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Some fancy Mclovin links for this week from posts that I enjoyed

8 Easily Avoidable Causes of Business Debt

As an emerging entrepreneur, it is very easy to quickly accumulate debts that are substantial enough to kill your burgeoning business before it even gets off the ground. But it does not have to be that way. Take the time to examine your business workflow and you will likely discover a number of extraneous costs that can be eliminated to improve the health of your bottom line.

Stock Price – Return & Intrinsic Value Based on Earnings Analyzer

This online calculator evaluates potential investments by computing the present value of a stock’s future earnings. A stock’s intrinsic value is the present value of its future earnings and can be used to determine if a stock is over or under-valued.

Using this tool I analyzed GOOG using growth rates of 20,18, and 15 (which I believe are fairly conservative) and got an intrinsic value of $606. At $438 GOOG is probably a good buy.
Carnival of Personal Finance #147: Q1 Financial Advice Edition
Check out the carnival of personal finance which contained my FICO Score Facts, Stats & Mysteries article and, as usual, over 100 useful tips on everyone’s favorite topic!

The April 14th Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance is at Gather Little by Little.

The Chasing Dreams Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance can be found at The Happy Rock!

The 150th edition of the Carnival of Personal finance is up at Lazy Man and Money and includes a whopping 115 articles!

Carnival of Personal Finance #151 can be found at  Bloggers on Surviving the Squeeze

Today’s theme is managing money in tight times. Tax rebates, the much-discussed recession, and food prices were among the topics on bloggers’ minds.