Small Donations Make a Big Difference

January 8, 2009 by JS · 1 Comment 

Small donations can make a big difference

Small donations can make a big difference

I’m sure that there have been times when you’ve wanted to help someone but thought that you just didn’t have enough money to make a big difference in the cause you were concerned with. It’s hard to think that a $5 check really helps anyone at all, but it does, and it will.

Recently, a new organization has come out of the woodworks made specifically to help people who are struggling in the recession. You can donate any amount of money, whether it’s $1 or $1,000. This site helps people that are on the brink of losing their homes. Your payment may help them pay their power bill or their mortgage. Regardless of what your money goes towards, you’re helping a family in need.

It’s important to remember that the recession is not the only cause of suffering for some of the middle class community. If you think back on your life, I’m sure you will remember a time when money was tight. Maybe it was an unexpected illness in the family or a lay off at work. Maybe it was an unexpected death in the family or maybe you just simply didn’t make enough money to pay the bills that month.  Wouldn’t it have been nice to know that there was an organization out there that would help you?

What’s great about the Small Can Be Big Organization is that 100% of your proceeds go to families in need. Small Can Be Big takes no profit from your donations, so truly every dollar you donate, helps someone. You can also track where your money goes and what family you helped. You can check up on them later to see how they’re doing. This is comforting when money is so tight.

With the current economic state, it’s very easy to tell yourself that you don’t want to donate to a charity because you’ll never see the fruits of that donation, and your money may be tight as well. Small Can Be Big and other organizations like that, takes the worries of never seeing your money go to work, away. 

I’m a huge believer in karma and I truly believe that what comes around will go back around. You never know when you will be in crisis and need a helping hand. So, if you have a dollar to spend, donate it to charity. You’ll be so glad you did. Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing that you helped someone through a tough time. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what charity you choose, find a cause you believe in, and do what you can to help it. If everyone in the world did this, it would be a much better place to live.

Remember, help your sister from another mister or your brother from another mother, you never know when your sisters and brothers will be there to help you. :)