Obama Will Not Make You Rich!

November 5, 2008 by JS · 2 Comments 

Okay, the election party is over and Obama is the new great hope for America. But does it really matter who won the election?

Of course it does, right?

Well I’d say that depends on where you focus your attention.

Will he help the economy?  Will he end US health care problems?  Will he provide jobs?  Will he end the War in Iraq?  Will he help the US to regain world respect?  Will he help the Environment?

Those are some tough questions that will soon be answered when President Elect Obama takes office.

Yes, policies will be different with Obama vs. McCain. Reactions to world events will be different. Reactions to present pressures facing the country will be different with Obama.

Depending on how you voted, you may see those facts as positive statements or negative statements.

Now lets take a look at Obama’s presidential win from another point of view:

Will he make you a happier person?  Will he make you a richer person?  Will he write your new best selling novel for you?  Will he create your new Fortune 500 company and hire you as president?  Will he be responsible for giving you the ideas for your next joint venture project?

I’ll venture to say that you answered all of those questions with a NO.

For the stuff that really matters, Obama can’t really make that much difference. How fickle would your happiness be if it depended on any circumstances outside of yourself?

A Successful Mindset Doesn’t Worry about the Weather

Successful people learn something that the rest of us don’t get. You can only get to your goals by focusing on the desired results, not by focusing on the circumstances along the way.

The policies and decisions made by the president, are simply waves and wind on the ocean. Becoming rich (or achieving any goal) is a matter of paying attention to the wind and waves, but ultimately doing whatever it takes, and following whatever is the best path for you, to get to your ultimate goal.

Every ocean has waves and wind. The real question is whether or not the captain of your boat has a plan, a direction and a set of proven strategies to achieve that goal.

If you do, then the day to day circumstances of who is president will be interesting entertainment, but Obama won’t be a determining factor in the success or failure of your life in general.

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