Fun With Buttons

by SMD 

I promise to get back to last night’s topic of not paying the price to get rich, but I ran across a couple posts over on Problogger that caught my eye.

The first was this one about creating your own buttons. Just like those viral bloglines-this and xml-that buttons:

Pay the Price to get Rich

Here’s my next attempt:

Smart Money Daily

How can I get my own cool buttons, you must be asking?’s button maker!

The next article was about whether images add to or distract from a blog. I like pictures, but for an ultra-busy [25 years of lost time to make up] blogger, they take longer to post. Folks don’t come for the pictures, so whether to do 2 posts or 1 pretty one with a picture?

Silly discussion really…whatever is best for the topic. Feel free to snag the buttons, if you feel an uncontrollable urge to promote my site with a picture.

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One Response to “Fun With Buttons”

  1. Chika on June 13th, 2007 8:49 am

    Hi Jon I love the button. It’s on my feed so I think it is an excellent way of communicating your brand

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