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I’ve discovered three new useful features from that I wanted to write about. Before I do, I’ll tell you how I discovered them. About 2 hours after last story I received and email from someone at IceRocket, thanking me for writing about them. Now that’s good business! And at Smart Money Daily we love good business.

Now if you’re sharp, you’ll be asking, “How did they know that you wrote about them?” Good question and it is cool use of their service number one.

1. Since you can search on blogs [instant] rather and just the web [can take days for search engines to get your content indexed] you can enter a search of “” and then the results will come into your RSS reader instantly. Set up one for “Your Name” or “Your Site” and you’ll know if anyone is writing about you…if you dare :)

Once I figured out how they did it I poked around their site some more and found number two.

 2. They have a service that allows you to syndicate your content to RSS, just in case your site doesn’t have built in RSS syndication. I know a couple people who do it manually, so this should be a valuable service for them, or for others with older sites that want to take advantage of the RSS world.

The third goodie that I found on their site was the Blog Trends tool.

3. The Blog trends tool can be used to do basic market research on the blogosphere. Let’s say you’re looking to start a for-profit blog and you want to see if there is growing buzz about your topic, you can find out. Of course, there are vanity searches for your own name, etc. Below is an image that the trend tool puts out with a couple of my favorite topics represented.

Overall the team [?] over at IceRocket seem to be on the ball and I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop. Interesting that a small player can jump all over a giant like Google with the clever innovation of acknowledging the importance of RSS. That’s what makes business fun!
icerocket trends chart

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