Innovative Design Hits the Keyboard

by SMD 

One way you can recognize great design is when you see it, you say to yourself why didn’t I think of that, it’s obvious! That’s how I felt when saw this amazing keyboard from Art. Lebedev Studio [the largest design company in Russia].

Besides the sheer beauty of it, the innovation is that the keys are dynamic: they can change depending on what application you are using or language you are working in. Have you ever seen anyone who writes in multiple languages and has actually drawn symbols on their english keyboard to map the special symbols for another language? No longer.

For games or photoshop shortcuts the same applies.

Cost is expected to be “about the same as a good cell phone” when it hits the market early 2006. I guess there is one surefire business strategy: blow the doors off of anything that is currently on the market.

Hot keys that change the keys
russian keyboard
English keys transform for typing Russian

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